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(i)                  To establish, run, maintain or assist in operating modern Hospitals including Neurology and Cancer, Trauma Centers, Clinics, other medical institutions, medical colleges, other para-medical institutions for the practice of modern medicine with up to date facilities.

(ii)                 Organize conferences, seminars, workshops or other meets of professionals engaged in research and treatment in the field of medicine, to update and exchange information relating to various medical issues particularly Neurology, Neurosurgery, Spine and Cancer research; and prevention and treatment of all illness; and to use the knowledge, skill and expertise of eminent personalities in the field from different parts of the world for the betterment of mankind.

(iii)                To facilitate students to pursue medical careers and arrange courses for degrees, diplomas and certificates in medical sciences and services and to provide in-house training or arrange in-housing training in institutions in the field of medicine .

(iv)               To publish research papers, articles relating to Medicine and make available books, periodicals, audio , video tapes , DVD’s, CD’s  and other Electronic Media relating to various fields of medicine and do every thing possible for communication of knowledge, skills and expertise and  to engage personnel  in medical research and treatment.

(v)                To give, take grants, subsides or other assistance by medical camps for medical treatments and arrange such financing of such programmes or such other help as would be necessary in the circumstances of each case.

(vi)               Co-operate with other institutions engaged in Medical treatment and research by having joint programmes for conducting conferences and seminars or by having any other joint project relating to medicine.

(vii)              To arrange for supply of medical equipments for Hospitals, Trauma centres, clinics, Medical Colleges, Medical institutions and supply at medical and surgical treatment of patients and giving them institutional care and give free medicines.

(viii)            To enter into any arrangements or agreements with any hospitals dispensaries and allied institutions or with any physicians surgeons or specialists as may appear conductive to the charitable purpose herein contained and to carry out exercise and comply with such agreements and arrangements.

(ix)               To establish professorships, lectureships, scholarships, prizes (in the shape of books, cash or otherwise) loans and aids to needy students or fellowship for post graduate students.

(x)                To print or publish any newspapers, journals, periodicals, books, handbills, leaflets and the like as may be desirable for the furtherance of the charitable purpose herein contained.

(xi)               To establish centres for medical relief in those places where it is inconvenient or difficult for people to get the benefit of modern medical progress.

(xii)              To extend all sorts of help in case of natural calamities, disasters, war or war situations, terror strikes, accidents or any other calamity or emergency by deputing medical teams and   raising funds, collecting materials, medicines, food, etc. for the affected people.

(xiii)            To do all such other things either alone or in conjunction with others as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above charitable objects or any of them.


  The above objects are independent of each other and the Board of Trustees hereafter may carry out improvements from time to time and apply the funds of the trust in carrying out all or any of the aforesaid objects of the trust in the manner they think best without any profit motive and without any distinction on account of caste, creed, community, colour or religion.


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