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Other Videos

An orbital capillary hemangioma excised using an orbito-frontal approach by Prof. Chagla

Transposition of the SCA for R trigeminal neuralgia by Prof. Chagla

Opening the sylvian fissure - two bayonet technique

Opening the sylvian fissure

Pericoronal craniotomy(extended fronto parietal para sagittal craniotomy)Interhemispheric transcallosal intraventricular para forniceal approach

Arachnoid dissection using micro bayonet forceps by Prof. Aadil S Chagla

Right Trigeminal Neuralgia M V D unedited clip by Prof Aadil Chagla - Transposition of the SCA loop

Trigeminal Neuralgia - Microvascular Decompression unedited video by Prof. Aadil S Chagla


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