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The purpose of this website is to provide information to those who seek it. According to the “Indian way of life” there are basically 3 types of seekers of knowledge. The first who seek information merely out of curiosity; the next who will seek it in an attempt to learn; and the third who approach it with a critical view not merely accepting it but, in fact, challenging it, questioning its integrity and using it with wisdom.

"With this website, I intend to share my views with seekers of knowledge and possibly help them understand a subject that I have been studying since my medical college days. At this point I should like to add that surgeons from India are nimble with their fingers and have razor sharp minds. We must make a conscious effort to help develop this noble art to its highest level. Remember that unlike some nations where early surgeons were “barbers”, in India our surgeons can trace their ancestry to the likes of Sushrusha.

Unfortunately, not all of Indian history is known and at times there appears intent in its description to distort it. I am not too religious but I must admit religion does play a part in most Indian lives. If Muslims were tyrannical in the true sense of the word then the Hindu religion would have disappeared in the three centuries that Muslims ruled India. My guess is that they co-existed in an indifferent way where religion was meant for the individual; to be followed in which ever way he or she chose, making India a truly “Secular” state. Religion had greater spiritual overtones and the ‘men of God’ were not to be interfered with whether they were Hindu, Muslim or any other religion. Each community visited his or her own Guru and there were many who visited both. The Dargah at Haji Ali and the Church of Mount Mary (Bandra) are clear examples. Ironically, it was then that Christopher Columbus set sail to arrive at the “Land of Spices”, a country of immense wealth and glory.He did not manage to Land in India and that is another story...." SUffice to say that our Unworthy Politicians have take this policy of divide and rule to another level tearing the very fabric of secularism which makes our country so GREAT !! A land of diversity and greatness

I am not going to say much more but suffice to say that India lost its freedom, religious tolerance, wealth, and became fragmented with the divide and rule policy of the British. Each religion became more “closed” and less tolerant. The Unity of the Nation was at its ebb. ……….

Well, now its our turn to change all this and work hard towards that glory which made India the country to seek especially where science, culture and religion meet at the highest level.

I am not going to say much more but suffice to say that each of us must work hard and work towards that glory and believe me if we dig deep enough it shall be ours for keeps!!

These are my impressions, which are based on years of experience with the sole intention of healing the sick with all the possible resources available to me in my humble practice of Neurosurgery.

I hope this information will be used with good judgement and faith with the intent to heal or help heal.


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